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        Henry Brothers Auction Company specializes in estate auctions and estate sales in Augusta, Georgia, North Augusta South Carolina, and the surrounding CSRA.  We are proud to offer our many years of experience in buying & selling antiques to the public.  If you are simply downsizing or liquidating your complete estate, we can make the transition smooth and effortless.  The estate auction or the estate sale process is simple.  We clean, display, organize and advertise your items and offer them to the public.  If you choose to have an estate auction, we would put your items up for bid and let bidders bid until the highest price is reached.  If you choose to have an estate sale, we can sell everything at a specific price or sell the pieces individually at your home.  Henry Brothers Estate Auctions & Estate Sales has 40 years of combined experience in appraising, buying and selling fine furniture, antiques, sterling silver, jewelry, pottery, china, glassware, collectibles and complete collections.  We will give you the most accurate estimates and appraisals regarding each piece you are selling.  Feel free to call or email us with any further information regarding your estate planning.  We look forward to serving you. (706) 414-3267. 


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How to buy at our Estate Auctions ?

Auctions are a very unique environment that allow you to compete against other bidders and set your price when buying antique furniture or collectibles.  At auction, you decide when and where you want to stop bidding. That is what makes auctions so fun. You may get that great buy you have been looking for and may see some unusual items to add to your collection or decor.  At our auction, you will see a lot of quality antique furniture, collectibles, antique smalls, and much more.  We are always accepting quality consignments.  The auction format is simple.  Register with the clerk to receive a bidder number. Once the auction begins, the auctioneer will call out the prices in increments. Raise your bidder card if you want to bid and the last bid wins. It's that simple. Even if you just want to see how auctions work... show up,  register, and take a seat. It's free.  Our monthly antique auction is open to the public.  We look forward to seeing you at the the auction!

What we sell at our Auctions

 We sell a wide variety of merchandise at our estate auctions or estate sales . We specialize in sterling, silver, coins, jewelry, fine porcelain, pottery, glassware, collectibles, collections and clocks to name a few.  We also specialize in antique furniture and quality fine furniture. 

What if I cant attend the Auction how do I bid ?

If you'r interested in bidding, but cant attend the auction that day, there are two ways to participate in the auction:


Silent bid - 1. You can attend our preview, register as if you were attending that days' auction, and leave your bids with us. One of our staff will "stand in" and bid for you competitively, up to your highest bid on

the items you have chose to bid on.


Phone Bid - 2.  You attend the preview, register to bid, when your item(s)  come up for bid, one of our staff will call you so you can bid live on the phone.


Paul Henry GAL - 2994

Paul Henry SCL - 4856

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